Sep 17, 2009

Today's Pedophile Joke

A young girl goes to counseling with a Catholic Priest.
The girls says, "Father I am starting to develop, I just got my first period last month."
The priest replies, "That's nice child."
The young girl, wearing a tight tank top and no bra lifts up her top and asks the Priest, "Do you think I have nice boobs?"
The Priest replies, "Yes my child they are very nice."
The girl thinks to herself, Um, wonder what he is thinking about now.
So the girl, wearing a lose short skirt and no panties, stands up, lifts up her skirt and says, "Father what you think of my virgin pussy?"
The Priest replies, "It's very nice child."
The girl becoming frustrated blurts out, "Well Father, do you want this virgin pussy or not?"
The Priest smiles and says, "No my child, I am in a committed relationship with your young brother."

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