Oct 1, 2009

Today's Pedophile Joke

Famous Pedophile Pick-up Lines:

--- Do you want to see my puppy?
--- I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.
--- Lets both try on a ‘Condom’ to see how it fits.
--- If you rub my lamp a Genie will pop out.
--- Come here and blow on my magic flute.
--- Put your hand in my pocket for some candy.
--- Want to lick my lollipop?
--- Want to play with my puppy?
--- Your Mommy said it’s Ok !!
--- You have to swim in the pool naked.
--- Would you like a nice bubble bath?
--- Show me what do you have under that dress.
--- Lets play Ken and Barbie.
--- Come sit on my lap and we’ll play horsey.

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