Mar 7, 2010

Today's Pedophile Joke

Magic Juice:

Little Sussie comes running into her Mommy and says, "Uncle Timmy just shot some magic juice into my mouth and made me swallow it."
The mother shocked beyond belief and thinking the worse calls the police.
The police come and arrest the uncle as a pedophile.
After the police leave with Uncle Timmy in handcuffs, she notices a water pistol on the kitchen counter.
She asks Little Sussie why is a water pistol on the counter?
Little Sussie replies, 'Uncle Timmy brought it over. That's the magic juice."
The mother thinking fast smells the contents of the water pistol, it smells and looks like milk, so she tastes it. It is milk.
She quickly asks Little Sussie, "Is this the magic juice Uncle Timmy shot into your mouth?"
Little Sussie says, "Yes, that's it."
The mother in a near panic is wondering what she's going to tell her husband why his brother is in jail.
So she asks Little Sussie, "Why did your Uncle Timmy call it Magic Juice?"
Well Little Sussie explains, "Uncle Timmy took some milk out of the refigerator and poured it into a glass. Then he took is penis out and some stuff that looks like milk came out that he called magic juice. He mixed that with the milk, poured it in the water pistol he brought over, and shot it in my mouth and told me to swallow it. Mommy you drank some too, why is it called Magic Juice?"
The mother fainted.

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