Jun 16, 2010

Today's Pedophile Joke

At the Restaurant:

Two Pedophiles enjoying breakfast at a local restaurant were having a conversation.
First Ped: My latest little thing is a squirmer, but I always get her there.
Second Ped: Well mine is like a board she just lies there.
First Ped: You half to take your time with them, slowly they will come along.
Second Ped: Nope this girl is eleven and she will never be able to do anything but just lay there.
First Ped: Why do you say that?
Second Ped: Because shes dead.
First Ped: Dead, what do you mean?
Second Ped: Yeah Dead, she was that way when I grab her.
First Ped: Where did you get this one?
Second Ped: From the hospital morgue.

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